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    Continuing to stay true to his roots and write about what he knows, former saddle bronc athlete-turned-country artist Chancey Williams releases his drum-driven ode to the blue collar worker (and where that worker puts their money after-hours), “Paycheck Down” – available today on all digital platforms. The boot-stomping barn-burner, which follows his album release One of These Days (3/28), was co-written by Williams with Brice Long, and produced by Trent Wilmon. Fans got a first listen of the tune yesterday (5/25) when it premiered exclusively with The Boot, who called it a “jaunty country shuffler” that “captures the pure joy that comes with receiving one’s paycheck and readying for a weekend of celebrations – cowboy style, of course.”  

    Listen to “Paycheck Down” HERE. 

    “I love this song. It was the first song I ever wrote with my friend Brice Long. This is a young workin’ man’s tune,” Williams told The Boot. “The kid in the song is a ranch worker, but really it applies to any kind of blue collar hard work. Reminds me of when you’re young and you just work all week for that paycheck, and then blow it on the weekend, figuring, “I’ll worry about next week, next week. Haha.” 
  • All the Photos from Chancey Williams Grand Ole Opry Debut: ‘Nothing Quite Like It’

    This famous entrance was the first thing I saw when I stepped off the bus. I think that is when it really hits you that you’re going to play the Grand Ole Opry. I’m a ranch kid from Wyoming, walking into this building through the same doors as the legends. Some have walked through it hundreds, even thousands of times, but I bet everyone remembers the first time. I always will.

    My first time actually stepping into the circle was at soundcheck. I was thinking about all my music heroes who have been there and all the people who built country music. It’s very humbling. Soundcheck helped calm us all down, I think. The stage crew and other musicians are so professional and helpful. Once I heard that room and the acoustics, I thought, “We’re gonna be just fine.”

    It was super important to me that my whole band be able to play the Opry Debut with me. These people are my family. They earned it, too. I just couldn’t imagine it any other way. I’m really thankful the Opry agreed!

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  • Billboard: 8 Must-Hear New Country Songs

    Chancey Williams, One of These Days

    Williams, a former saddle bronc rider, has previously released five studio albums. On his latest project, the 11-song One of These Days, he continues to wrap his pleasant baritone around a slate of honky tonk songs. The album features production by and nine co-writes with Trent Willmon, a singer-songwriter in his own right, who also produced Cody Johnson’s CMA-winning “‘Til You Can’t.” Among the gems on this project are the coolly swaggering “Bordertown Whiskey,” the gentle-yet-impactful “If I Die Before You Wake” (one of the few outside cuts here, written by Dave Brainard, Dustin Evans and Rick Tiger) and the fiddle-drenched title track (Williams with Jody Stevens).


  • “One of These Days” – In The Press

    The new album from Chancey Williams is out now! Listen to it HERE and see what the press has to say below.

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  • New Album “One Of These Days”, OUT NOW

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 24, 2023) – Neo-traditional country music sensation Chancey Williams has released his highly-anticipated album, One of These Days – and, along with it, the title track and latest single – now available on all streaming platforms. As one of only two artists (Chris LeDoux) to both compete in the rodeo and perform on the main stage at Cheyenne Frontier Days, Williams has been praised for writing and performing with an “honesty that feels real…and quite timely” (Taste of Country) – and One of These Days is no exception, further cementing Williams as the next authentic cowboy in country music.

    Listen to One of These Days HERE.

    “I co-wrote eleven of the twelve songs on the new record and I’m really proud of it. I think it speaks to where I am at this point, creatively,” said Williams of the project. “Trent Willmon  and I have really found the space we want to be in. I’m really excited to have a song on this one with Jody Stevens, who brings an entirely different perspective, and to have been able to write some tunes with guys like Brice Long and Bobby Pinson – I really look up to all these folks. To top it off, the musicians on here are really the best, top notch people I’m lucky to work with.”

  • People Exclusive Premiere Of “One Of These Day”

    People has the exclusive first listen of the title track and new single from Chancey Williams, “One Of These Days”. Listen HERE and stay tuned tomorrow for the whole album!

  • Holler. Exclusive Premiere Of “Only the Good Ones”

    We might be a bunch of two jump chumps here at Holler, but we’re suckers for a good rodeo song. And when the artist singing it just happens to be a real-life saddle bronc cowboy? Well, all the better for it.

    Chancey Williams isn’t cosplaying a cowboy when he puts on that hat. As one of only two artists to both compete in the rodeo and perform on the main stage at Cheyenne Frontier Days, like Chris Ledoux before him, Williams is the next truly authentic cowboy of country music.

    He’s gone from competing at rodeos to being one of the hottest neo-traditionalist country artists around, and his new single, ‘Only the Good Ones’, is a further reminder to everyone that you’re never going to amount to anything hanging in the D’s. Life’s about taking the bull by the horns and letting it pound you into the ground every now and then.

    “Only the good ones drive a man to drink alone / the better they are the closer they cut to the bone”, he sings on the driving rodeo anthem, mixing the warmth and charm of George Strait with the grizzle and grit of Cody Johnson.

    “It’s a rodeo cowboy song I wrote with Trent Willmon and Bobby Pinson,” explains Williams. “This cowboy gets bucked off a great horse and maybe it’s his last one and it hurts, ya know? At the same time, he has a girl he really cares about and she leaves him. Things in life come and go, and a person has ups and downs, but only the good ones really hurt when the opportunity is missed or they’re gone.”

    Read more here!

  • Taste Of Country Exclusive Premiere of “Talk About a Memory”

    Chancey Williams had the girl, but he loses her in “Talk About a Memory.” More accurately, the real-life bronc rider had the girl, but chooses another life in this bittersweet song from his new album.

    Find “Talk About a Memory” on Williams’ One of These Days album, out March 24. Listen to it here during this Taste of Country exclusive premiere. He wrote the nostalgic love song with Brice Long, known for writing hits for Jon PardiRandy HouserGary Allan and more.

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  • Whiskey Riff Exclusive Premiere of “Bordertown Whiskey”

    The country music world these days is full of fake cowboys who like to sing about the rodeo but have never been on a horse in their life.

    I won’t name any names, but walk up and down Music Row and you’ll see plenty of guys who walk into the studio looking like they just stepped out of the GQ catalog and walk out looking like an extra on the set of Yellowstone.

    Well that’s not Chancey Williams.

    Williams is a second generation saddle bronc rider who grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. And along with the late, great Chris LeDoux, he’s one of only two artists who have both competed in the rodeo and played the main stage at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

    So yeah, Chancey’s the real deal. A far cry from the “cowboys” coming out of Nashville these days. And he happens to be a damn good songwriter, too.

    Williams is gearing up to release his upcoming studio album, One of These Days, this Friday, March 24.

    But ahead of the album release, we’re pumped to bring you the exclusive premiere of his new track “Bordertown Whiskey.”

    Co-written by Chancey along with producer and hit songwriter Trent Willmon, the song paints a picture along the lines of “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” about a man who has trouble staying in one place, somebody who always has their eye on something else no matter what he has at home – and it’s a song that Chancey says reminds him of some people in his own life:

    “This is a song I wrote with my friend and producer Trent Willmon. ‘Bordertown Whiskey’ tells the story of a guy that keeps coming back to the gal he loves, but maybe you don’t want him fallin’ in love, because he might leave the next day. He’s kind of a drifter. I have a lot of friends like that, I think. Haha.” 

    Speaking about the upcoming album, Williams says there will be a little something for everybody – and of course, plenty of rodeo songs:

    “I think ‘One of These Days’ is an interesting body of work and hope everyone that hears it thinks so, too. On one hand, it has a lot of cowboy songs and rodeo songs – the kind of thing that is really in my blood.  But I think people will find this record is real diverse, too.

    There’s sad and happy. There’s drinkin’ songs and story songs – and even a couple that I guess you could call love songs. I know it isn’t as common these days for people to listen to an album front to back, but I hope some folks do.“

    Aside from playing the main stage at some of the country’s biggest rodeos, Williams has also opened for names like Parker McCollum, Cody Johnson and Alan Jackson. And his authentic songwriting and gritty country sound has also earned him the opportunity to make his Grand Ole Opry debut next month.


  • Opry Announce Featured In Whiskey Riff

    The saddle bronc athlete turned country music artist is slated to make his debut at the Grand Ole Opryon April 22nd.

    The Wyoming native has a super traditional sounds, and says he can’t believe he’s actually getting to step into that hallowed circle where so many of his heroes have stood before him:

    “It’s unbelievable. We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great dates over the years. Growing up just a ranch kid from Wyoming, I never thought any of this would happen. 

    First, we got to play Cheyenne Frontier Days. Then, a couple years ago, we got the call for the Ryman Auditorium—that didn’t feel real either. Now we’re being invited to make our Grand Ole Opry debut—it’s like winning the lottery. 

    We all dream about it but not many people actually win. It’s the home of country music. Everyone I grew up idolizing has stood exactly where I’m about to be.”