Chancey Williams

(Las Vegas, NV) – Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band will be returning to Las Vegas this year for the NFR. The band is excited to announce their performance at the Thomas & Mac Center during opening ceremonies.

Already attracting record label attention with their large grass roots fan-base and relentless touring, the band is ready to take their own brand of rocking, wild, Wyoming country music back to Las Vegas. “We’re excited to come back to Vegas for the NFR,” said Chancey Williams, “I’m a former saddle bronc rider myself, so I’m always excited to play shows like this where I’m truly in my element. This will be a party!”

“Down with That” and “Silhouette,” are the latest single releases from Chancey Williams & the Younger Brothers, coming out in advance of a new album expected for May of 2017. The band will fly to Vegas from Nashville, where work on the release continues. This past summer the band embarked on a tour that was pretty crazy, even by the standards of the seasoned performers and crew. They shared with stage with Aaron Watson, Old Dominion, Sawyer Brown, Tracy Lawrence, and Reckless Kelly. Tour stops included numerous State Fairs, Music Festivals, swings into Las Vegas, and even France. But, in a year of highlights, it was the opportunity to play during the NFR opening ceremonies, above all others, reminded the band of how far they have come.

County music stars, both contemporary and legendary, have previously opened the NFR ceremonies. The band is humbled and honored to join the ranks of Charlie Daniels, Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Jason Aldean, and so many others. “It’s a pretty big honor for, us, you know. They say it’s the busiest night at the NFR—the first Saturday, so, we get to play one song in front of 18,000 people,” said Chancey Williams, “We’ve been really fortunate. Things are really going our way, you know, we’ve been at it a long time but it always just keeps going up. “